In this course, the various logic functions and dc transfer characteristics of the CMOS logic circuits are theoretically analyzed. Then, the design methods of high-performance CMOS large scale integration (LSI) will be discussed. In addition, the course focuses on principles of scaling rules and effects of metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFET) and interconnects in LSIs.


  • [参考] 100p(s)のように単位を書く人が多いようですが、SI単位の接頭辞も括弧内にいれて100 (ps)のように書くか、括弧を使わずに、100ps と書くのが正式です(括弧を付けないのが国際標準)。

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  • [Office hours] 16:30 - 18:00 on the day, at room 2B713

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